What is Turbo Chute?

The fastest high rise garbage, surgical and laundry chute cleaning on the market! Turbo Chute's patented, scrubbing and high pressure dual action cleaning leads the market, providing a more thorough clean than any other provider, uses less water and chemicals and uses environmentally friendly residual enzyme technology to provide on-going protection. 

Turbo Chute

Thorough Clean

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Market leading result using Turbo Chute's PATENTED dual action cleaning. By both scrubbing and high pressure cleaning the inside of the entire chute we provide a more thorough clean than any other provider.

Pest Control

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Pest control and management is greatly improved by the quality and coverage of the clean effectively eliminating the largest breeding ground within a building. Our marketing leading approach and technology all contribute to removing and combating odours.

Good for the planet

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Turbo Chute uses environmentally friendly chemicals by default, its patented dual action greatly reduces the water and chemicals used and requiring disposal. Our residual enzyme chemical technology provides on-going protection to the chute even after the service is complete.

Benefits of our Technology and Method of Chute Cleaning

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Patented Dual Action


Turbo Chute has a global patent on our dual action, scrubbing and high pressure rinse system, providing a better clean using less water and chemicals

Less water/chemical use


Patented scrubbing action removes most of the filth from within the chute that the high pressure system only needs to rinse. Therefore it uses much less water and chemicals than any other provider

Quicker cleaning


Our process is faster than our competitors high pressure only methods, resulting in cost reductions and reduced downtime of the chute for residents

Turbo Chute


The Rest


  • Patented technology is the only system to apply mechanical scrubbing action and high pressure washing in one dual action
  • Uses a fraction of the chemicals and water than competitors, environmentally friendly
  • Cleans faster than competitors by using dual action, resulting in better cost efficiencies and reduce downtime of chute for residents
  • Residual enzyme chemicals to continuously combat odours and bacteria


  • Typically high pressure cleaning, no scrubbing action
  • Use of strong chemicals which are often not environmentally friendly
  • Large portions of Chute missed, sometimes only reaching small areas through chute hatches
  • Flooding of Chute with water and chemicals, which also means large amount of fluid to capture, clean up and disposal


Turbo Chute

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