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Regular Garbage Chute Cleaning

We offer Australia’s most thorough cleaning system when it comes to waste chutes. Our patented technology will get even the dirtiest chute back to a great condition removing built-up residue and associated odours. Scheduled regular cleaning programs can be arranged in line with the building’s requirements or seasonal demands.


Garbage Room Cleaning

Garbage rooms are often the source of vermin and odour and cleaning them regularly will help with controlling both. Garbage rooms will be cleaned as part of our garbage chute cleaning service at no extra charge. We will leave your garbage room clean and sanitised.




24/7 Chute Unblocking

Blocked garbage chutes can lead to substantial chute damage, due to the build-up of waste. Turbo Chute’s exceptionally fast turn around times in clearing blocked chutes help avoid damage and high costs for chute repairs, as well as making the chute functionable again as soon as possible. Our teams are experienced in quickly locating and removing the reason for the blockage. We confirm that the chute has been fully cleared with a mock drop and provide a service report that also outlines if damage has been sustained.



High Pressure Water Cleaning

We have teams on standby to help with all of your cleaning needs, including high pressure cleaning of all your external areas. We use high quality commercial water blasters, which can remove most stains, including built up bird and bat droppings. High pressure water cleaning can rejuvenate your spaces and make them look as good as new.


Bin Cleaning

Removing the garbage does not remove all of the smell. Rubbish bins need to be regularly cleaned or residual grime and odour will remain. We can clean your garbage bins for you and leave them clean and sanitised for a long lasting result your residents will appreciate.


Parking Facility Cleaning

Whether its oil stains or other build up, parking facilities are often neglected. We can quickly rejuvenate your parking spaces by removing built up stains and grime. Your residents will appreciate the difference as soon as they next park their car.


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Turbo Chute

Thorough Clean

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Turbo Chute's PATENTED dual action cleaning delivers market-leading results by both scrubbing, and using high pressure cleaning methods to leave the inside of the entire garbage chute thoroughly clean and providing a more comprehensive service than any other provider. In addition we detail clean all hopper doors, waste handling equipment and landing areas providing a complete service each and every time.


Pest Control

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Dirty Chutes, Refuse rooms, Garbage Bins or Waste Compacting equipment are ideal breeding grounds and a magnet for all kinds of pests. Turbochute offers the full range of cleaning services to all areas of the waste handling cycle to ensure that pest infestations are prevented rather than dealt with. By engaging Turbochute for regular cleaning, the efforts of the pest control contractor are greatly enhanced and often result in less visits being required to achieve the same outcome.

Good for the planet

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By using environmentally friendly chemicals in conjunction with our patented technology, water usage is greatly reduced.

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  • Patented technology is the only system to apply mechanical scrubbing action and high pressure washing in one dual action
  • Uses a fraction of the chemicals and water than competitors, environmentally friendly
  • Cleans faster than competitors by using dual action, resulting in better cost efficiencies and reduce downtime of chute for residents


  • Typically high pressure cleaning, no scrubbing action
  • Use of strong chemicals which are often not environmentally friendly
  • Large portions of Chute missed, sometimes only reaching small areas through chute hatches
  • Flooding of Chute with water and chemicals, which also means large amount of fluid to capture, clean up and disposal


Turbo Chute Australia

The fastest high rise and apartment building, garbage, surgical and laundry chute cleaning on the market! Turbo Chute's patented, scrubbing and high pressure dual action cleaning leads the market in Australia, providing a more thorough clean than any other provider, uses less water and chemicals to provide on-going protection. Ask about our Chute Cleaning Services.

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